Hydraulic wheel-play-detectors for the modern commercial vehicle workshop

Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic wheel-play-detectors for modern commercial vehicle workshops and test lanes. The detectors are CE certified and approved for up to a maximum axle load of 20 tonnes. As a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, with our hydraulic wheel-play detectors we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.


The wheel-play-detector for commercial vehicles manufactured in-house by us is designed for installation at ground level in the workshop floor and is equipped with galvanised drive-up ramps. The universal controller operates 3 different control programs with 8 movement directions. This enables an accurate visual assessment of wear in the following areas: Steering joint, wheel bearings, axle mounting, steering system, suspension, tie rod ends, stabilisers, engine mounting, wheel mounting and kingpins.

Equipment and scope of delivery

Our wheel-play-detectors are equipped with chromed pistons in cast steel cylinders producing very high forces. The hydraulic unit has a proven, low-noise submerged motor and hydraulic pump. Control is either by a leaded controller incorporating an inspection lamp or an optional radio-controlled version is available. Operation can either be by manual selection of the test direction or using one of the preset test program


CE certified  ·  Made in Germany  ·  low maintenance  ·  proven technology  ·  20 tonne max. axle load  ·  eight directions of movement  ·  three different control programs, optionally with control lamp (with integrated controller) or radio-controlled available  ·  ready-made foundation box, optionally galvanised or primed finish available


AT 20000

Axle load 20.000kg
Travel +/- 50mm
Ramp size 750mm  X 750mm
Art. No. 8.764.000
Control lamp 8.764.140
Remote control 8.764.003
Foundation box
galvanised 8.764.002
primed 8.764.001