Hydraulic lifting trolleys for commercial vehicle workshops

Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic lifting trollies for commercial vehicle workshops. Products are available in two categories: Scissor lift and parallelogram lifting trollies. The lifting trollies are designed for the installation, removal and transport of heavy components up to a weight of 2500 kg and feature a stroke of up to 1000 mm. As a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, with our lifting trollies we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.

Sturdy design and thought-through construction

Fuchs Hydraulik lifting trolleys are CE certified and feature a simple and very robust structure. Four casters allow ease of movement, two of which are equipped with brakes.

Low-maintenance, variable work

Even in continuous use, Fuchs Hydraulik lifting trolleys are low-maintenance. The height is adjusted by means of a double-stroke hand pump whose moving parts are all working in an oil bath. Thus, components are protected from dirt and corrosion. To accommodate various installation and removal situations the table tilt can be adjusted with a spindle adjuster on the scissor lift or hydraulic means on the parallelogram truck. Lowering the platform takes place via a sensitively controllable manual bleed valve.


CE-zertifiziert  ·  Made in Germany  ·  Bis zu 2500kg Last  ·  Arbeitshub bis 1000mm  ·  Robuster, einfacher Aufbau  ·  Vier Schwenkrollen  ·  Höhenverstellung mittels Handpumpe  ·  Tischneigung verstellbar (Scherenhubwagen)  ·  Abnehmbare, geteilte Plattformabdeckung (Scherenhubwagen)

Parallelogram lifting trolleys

Type: PHW 2500
Capacity: 2500 kg
Stroke / incline stroke: 165/100 mm
Operation manual
Basic height: 355 mm
Art.-No.: 8.572.000

Our hydraulic parallelogram lifting trolley is constructed using an oversize welded design. Thanks to its very flat construction it is particularly suitable for the removal of bus engines on inspection pits.

Scissor Lifting trolleys

Type: SHW 2000
Capacity: 2000 kg
Stroke: 1000 mm
Operation manual
Basic height: 725 mm
Art.-No.: 8.571.000

The scissor mechanism on our hydraulic scissor lift trolley utilises an oversized welded design. The table comprises a frame which moves on roller guides which also act as an anti-tilt device and a top made from 3 rigid plates which can be removed and replaced with special adapters.