About us

The origins of Fuchs Hydraulik GmbH date back to 1932. The precursor of the company was an auto repair shop in Kirn which, in addition to repairing cars, at that time also functioned as a trading partner for a number of renowned car makes. Just eight years later, it became a bit more technical with “Kirn Car Precision”. The second mainstay was successful in the area of crankshaft repair and cylinder grinding.

The manufacture of hydraulic equipment began in Kirn in 1955. As a practice-oriented business, the work was guided solely by the tasks requiring solutions. In product development, then as now, the communication with users in the commercial vehicle industry played a crucial role. Due to its great success, which set in rapidly at the international level, as early as 1963 a new building had to be occupied. Further building expansions followed in 1977, 1979 and 1992.

By using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and retaining the qualified permanent staff, the proven quality of products and services has been ensured. Through new development processes and revised production standards the tried and tested Fuchs Hydraulik quality has once again able to take a step forward.

The new Fuchs Hydraulik GmbH production and assembly facility, attached to Zerspanung und Mechanik Lörsch (ZML), is still located in Kirn. It is only a few kilometres from the old location and, as a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, still stands today for quality “Made in Germany”.