Hydraulic transmission jacks

Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic transmission jacks for working on motors, transmissions and axles. Our product portfolio covers jacks for cars and vans and jacks for heavy commercial vehicles. As a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, with our jacks we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.

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Quality, Service and Application

All Fuchs Hydraulik transmission jacks are CE certified and low-maintenance. We have integrated our pump mechanics into the oil tank of the jack, where they are protected from dirt and have a long working life ahead of them. The jack can equally be used in a pit or on vehicle hoists. The jack can be operated by one person.

Equipment and Capacity

Our hydraulic transmission jacks feature a sturdy chassis, wide base and a low centre of gravity. Large castors ensure smooth running on different floors. An over-sized, chromed piston gives excellent stability at any height and proven Fuchs Hydraulik quality. All our jacks are equipped with a sensitive, infinitely variable manual lowering valve. A foot pump ensures fast, fine-precision lifting of the passenger car and van jacks, which have a 500 kg capacity. Our truck jacks are designed for loads of 1500 kg or 3000 kg. A dual piston hand pump ensures fast, fine-precision lifting of these transmission unit jacks.


CE certified  ·  Made in Germany  ·  low maintenance  ·  very sturdy  ·  for cars, vans and commercial vehicles  ·  large standing surface, low centre of gravity  ·  large castors  ·  for pits and lifts  ·  one-person operation  ·  continuously variable lowering valve  ·  fine-precision lifting  ·  wide range of accessories available

Car assembly Jack

TS 500-2F

Capacity 500kg
Stroke 1000mm
Piston Ø mm 55 / 38
Operation foot
Basic height 900 mm
Telescope dual
Art. No. 8.512.002

TS 500-2F-OA

Capacity 500kg
Stroke 1050mm
Piston Ø mm 55 / 38
Operation foot
Basic height 800 mm
Telescope dual
Art. No. 8.512.002-OA

truck assembly jack

TS 1500

Capacity 1500kg
Stroke 1200mm
Piston Ø mm 75 / 55
Operation manual
Basic height 846mm
Telescope dual
Art. No. 8.552.000

TS 3000

Capacity 3000kg
Stroke 1100mm
Piston Ø mm 80 / 60
Operation manual
Basic height 900mm
Telescope dual
Art. No. 8.554.000

Special jack

TS Special Jack

Capacity 200-2000kg
Stroke 400-1200 mm
Piston Ø mm 80 / 55 / 38
Operation manual, foot, electric (battery)
Basic height 700 / 900mm
Telescope single / dual / triple