Hydraulic kingpin presses for the commercial vehicle workshop

Fuchs Hydraulik manufactures hydraulic kingpin presses for commercial vehicle workshops. Our kingpin presses with 115 mm stroke are optionally available with a compressive force of 50 or 73 tonnes and as manual hydraulic or air hydraulic variants. As a German company with headquarters and production in Rhineland-Palatinate, with our hydraulic kingpin presses we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.

Quality and Application

Fuchs Hydraulik kingpin presses are CE certified and designed for removing and inserting kingpins with the axle in place. The advantage of this way to work is obvious: No loss of time through the removal and installation of the axle. The kingpin presses feature a simple and very robust design and easy handling while being completely maintenance-free. The presses we manufacture can be used as mobile or stationary units.


CE certified  ·  Made in Germany  ·  115mm stroke  ·  optionally 50 or 73 tonne compressive force  ·  easy to use  ·  sturdy, simple construction  ·  maintenance-free  ·  no time lost through axle removal and installation  ·  manual hydraulic and air hydraulic variants  ·  specific accessories available

kingpin press

FP 50

Compressive force 50t
Stroke 115mm
Piston diameter 50mm
Operation air / manual
Bridge bore 65mm
(incl. bridge and piston plugs)
Art. No. 8.642.000

FP 73

Compressive force 73t
Stroke 115mm
Piston diameter 65mm
Operation air / manual
Bridge bore 70mm
(incl. bridge and piston plugs)
Art. No. 8.632.000